Code of Conduct

As an important part of our training, and in order to ensure an enjoyable environment during the rehearsals and the concerts, all members are asked to observe the following disciplines:

  • Be consistent in your attendance for the rehearsals and concerts (Please notify of any absence)
  • Be punctual (arrive 5 -10 minutes before the rehearsal);
  • Be polite to other members and keep quiet during the rehearsal;
  • Turn off mobile phones, iPads, etc.;
  • Ensure your pencil and eraser are readily available during the rehearsal, and make marks neatly and clearly when required;
  • Ensure you have downloaded all music parts before the first rehearsal;
  • No food should be in the rehearsals;
  • Pack up chairs and music stands after rehearsals and concerts;
  • Take care when using any of the facilities in the rehearsal room.