Dr. Koo Music Scholarship

Sponsored by the Hills Shire Council, the Dr. Koo Music Scholarship is a cash award for young musicians who have made contributions to the Hills community by participating in the Sydney Hills Youth Orchestra or the Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra.

Young musicians who will receive an invitation for this scholarship should meet the following criteria:

  1. A member of the Sydney Hills Youth Orchestras or the Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra (for at least two years or more);
  2. Has made cultural contributions to the Hills community;
  3. Shown extreme enthusiasm for music;
  4. Showed potential to make significant contributions to music in the future.

Participate in all events (rehearsals, concerts, etc..) of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra YOUTH SYMPHONY (SYS).

Please contact Dr. Koo for more information: 0449 776 872 Email: bkoo@sys.org.au

Dr. Koo Music Scholarship Winners