The Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra

Members of the Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra are young music lovers and students of primary and high schools in Sydney Hills.

We welcome all young music lovers under the age of 12 (or 15) who have been learning orchestral instruments for over 2 years. Join and enjoy the benefits!

SHJO provides the orchestral experience for members to develop better sight-reading skills, learn new techniques not found in solo work, learn to follow a conductor, strengthen counting and rhythmic skills, and learn orchestral etiquette.  

Especially for those who play wind instruments, brass instruments, and percussion, they will learn new techniques that aren’t as widely used in a band setting as with an orchestra, requiring them to be more sensitive with their technical abilities. Members of SHJO will be able to take further opportunities to develop their skills, being able to join higher-level youth orchestras or school ensembles. They will also be the ones who achieve special chair positions or music scholarships. This orchestra has 40 scheduled one-and-a-half-hour rehearsals during the school term and offers many performance opportunities.   

Rehearsal time: Friday, 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm

Rehearsal venue: Baulkham High School, TLC Theatre

For more information please contact us:

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